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The following JIRA issues might be good candidates for new developers that want to get familiar with the openATTIC code base.

Before you start working on any of these, please get in touch with us via IRC or the Google Group, so we can coordinate our efforts! Also make sure you have a functional development environment and are familiar with our contribution process.

Start by Setting up a Development System. See Contributing Code to openATTIC for details on how to submit your changes to the upstream developers. Follow the openATTIC Contributing Guidelines to make sure your patches will be accepted.

 Then code away, implementing whatever changes you want to make.


Key Summary T Assignee Reporter P Status story points


Completed so far:

Key Summary T Updated Assignee Reporter P


  1. Thanks for converting this static table into a dynamic query, Sebastian Wagner - do you think it makes sense to add an additional table below, that lists all completed low hanging fruit tasks? This would be useful for showcasing accomplishments.

  2. Additional table would be a good idea.

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